Sunday, December 20, 2009


Well, you just can't make this stuff up. First, let me say that Greg's condition really has not changed -- no better, but no worse, either. But, more on that later.

Greg's mom, Sadie, just got released from the ER. Really.

Yesterday was a very hectic day, but a very nice day. My sisters, Debbie and Judy, came down from Wisconsin with two of our nieces, Lauren and Kacey. Loyal readers will remember that it was Kacey who saved the day this summer and stayed with her Uncle Greg at Hope Lodge, where they both pretty much ate their way through St. Louis. (If you want to eat well, hang out with the guy on steroids). Later in the day, Skibby arrived, also from Wisconsin, and Greg's brother Tom brought Sadie, Eric & Matthew up. Everyone had a good visit and got to see Greg (except Matthew, but he was happy just to see me). My sisters had to leave, but the Skibinski clan went to dinner at Guido's on the Hill. We had a wonderful dinner, and I went back to the hospital, while everyone else went to the hotel. At about 7 a.m. I got a text from Skibby that they were in the ER with Sadie, who was having.....well......let's just say extreme GI output....from both ends. At one point we didn't know if they were going to admit her or not. (I thought they might consider renaming the hospital. We are WAY over our quota of people in the hospital.) They finally discharged her about 2:30. Still don't know what caused it -- food, a bug, or just being all stressed out. I guess if the kids get sick in a few days we'll know it was a bug. My money is on being stressed out. I think she's got things under control, but looked really tired when I saw her. Hopefully, she'll mend quickly and be in good shape for the holidays.

Meanwhile, Our Hero is about the same. The settings on the ventilator haven't changed too much over the past few days, but they did reduce his respiration rate this morning, which he tolerated pretty well. Friday night he had some oxygen saturation problems for a couple of hours, but that seemed to pass. They have to change his position every few hours, and sometimes he doesn't tolerate that too well.

The working theory is still CMV, and that's what they're treating him for, while keeping the antibiotics on board just in case. Oncology is recommending adding Immunoglobulin, which should help his immune system fight this. They couldn't add it before, because they thought it was possible that this was his immune system causing this, and so that drug would have made it worse. They tell me that CMV is very difficult to treat in the lungs.

I've been told that after about 10 to 14 days on a ventilator, the docs can get some idea of which direction he's going to go. Today is day 11. So, the next few days are crucial. I'm really hoping he'll stay stable enough for me to spend Christmas with the boys.

Thanks to all for all your support, especially to those who helped make Mattew's birthday party such a huge success. He was thrilled, and I'm told we can now mount a war with the "droid army" he's collected. Kris and Julie & families, as usual, I couldn't be getting through this without you. To the Coalsons, thanks for the transportation and extra playtime for Matthew. Fred, thanks for the nice letter you sent out to the Association. There's so many more to thank by name, but I know you all know who you are. We truly are blessed to have such great family and friends.

Please keep those prayers coming (I know they are!)


Ann & Greg


Judy said...

On the bright side, Debbie is still suffering from the slight head injury my trunk lid gave her and while still delusional, is buying us all very expensive Christmas presents... she can be a Princess as long as she wants if that's the case!

Hugs to you and the Big Guy (and those little guys too!)You know we're with you 24/7

Me and Them

Francis said...

Here is my Christmas list: Greg’s health, Ann spends Christmas with the boys, Sadie gets well very soon, Wisconsin beats Miami on Dec 29th, and Alabama becomes the National Champ on Jan 7th. Roll Tide!

Sally Helwig said...

Big Hugs!